Gary Das

My name is Gary and I am a business owner, entrepreneur and father. Nothing brings me more pleasure in life than being able to balance my work and personal life. Family, friends and business are at the forefront of my life but recently I’ve been branching out and using my inner entrepreneur for good. I’ve always strived for more and more and no matter what I do, I set out to achieve.

Gary Das | Self Employed Mortgage Expert
Gary Das | Self Employed Mortgage Expert

The Book

Self-employed business owners and entrepreneurs face the brunt of the struggles when it comes to trying to secure their dream home. They risk rejection and disappointment from the high-street lenders and trying to secure a mortgage becomes stressful and time consuming. This book will give you the information and understanding you need to help avoid the ordeal you may face if you walk into a high-street bank to ask for a mortgage. READ MORE

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Gary Das | Self Employed Mortgage Expert
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