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Gary loves marketing, sales and entrepreneurship, he runs several businesses and is the host of The PRO podcast. He lives up to his brand of being PRO, doing his best in his areas of interest ranging from mortgages to public speaking and digital marketing. He is on a mission to make people more PROActive so they can achieve more mentally, physically and financially.

Gary founded Active Financial in 2006 – a UK-leading Mortgage Brokerage specialising in finance/mortgages for the Self-Employed. He later founded Active Success in 2019 – a coaching business that helps advisers to generate leads, increase sales and maximise profit, before becoming the host of the successful “The PRO Podcast”, listened to in 44 countries worldwide. This has grown into a complete ecosystem as he Co-Founded Active Network in 2021 with his business partner.

In 2017 Gary became an Amazon best-selling author of “The Self-Employed Mortgage Guide” available on Amazon in written and audio form. A sought-after public speaker on finance, mortgages, marketing and business he uses his skill of simplifying the complex, using his personal experience to help others and entertain.

Gary shares his knowledge consistently into the world through social media, video marketing, Facebook groups, podcasts, and his YouTube channel, so you make your dreams a reality.

If you want to build a brand, leverage social media marketing, and create processes, and systems to take your business from start-up to scale-up you have landed in the right place.

“Now is the time to become PRO” – Gary Das
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