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About Gary Das

My name is Gary, I am a business owner, entrepreneur, husband and father to 3 awesome kids.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than living a PROActive life and maintaining a good work/life balance.

My first 10 years in business from 2006 to 2015 were full of challenges, and I ended up building a business to almost 7-figures and hated it.

At the end of 2015, I downsize my team of 13 and started all over again in January 2016 focusing on self-employed mortgages, social media marketing and building a more successful business.

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“Now is the time to become PRO.” – Gary Das

Perseverance, leads to Results, which creates Opportunity

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A letter from Gary Das

Dear PRO,

Whether you’re employed, self-employed and working from home, or running a large company, there are always ways to improve your life and business.

One thing has been obvious since I started in the financial services industry in 2003: it can be a bit stuck in its ways.

While other industries motor forward with the latest sales and marketing techniques, financial service businesses stick to the ‘tried and tested’.

I’d done pretty much the same from 2006 to 2015. It wasn’t until 2016 that I realised I hated the near 7-figure insurance brokerage that I’d built.

I was spending £20,000 per month on leads and missed out on valuable time with my family that I can never get back.

That was my biggest business mistake. I’d learned the job, but not how to run a business, how to do marketing or how to leverage to achieve my lifestyle, family and income goals.

So I thought, “enough is enough Gary”, and decided there must be a better way to do things.

In 2016, I downsized my team and reverted back to mortgages, an area I’d had success in from 2003-2008, prior to the credit crunch.

That sparked a journey of both personal and business development, on which I have spent 6 figures to increase my knowledge in all areas of life and business.

I’ve tested and implemented a wide range of the best strategies for business growth that I cherry-picked from more forward-thinking industries. I’m now giving you the fast track by showing you what works.

I’ve seen a 10x return on that investment in my brokerage and gained vital knowledge to show others how to do the same. And guess what? They are seeing 10x the return on their investment with me too.

My purpose on this planet is to show you how to fast track your business success and achieve the results you are searching for.

So in March 2019, I launched an online coaching/mentoring group, PRO Academy, which is now home to hundreds of self-employed business owners.

Having observed my students get fantastic results (a number of whom were not mortgage advisers), I launched Active Success.

Active Success has launched many successful courses, mentorships, coaching programs, and live events to help support you and your business.

My students are people just like you:

Mortgage advisers, protection brokers, commercial advisers, finance brokers, IFAs, will writers, accountants, bookkeepers, and more.

The PRO mentality is to show you how to build a fun and profitable business that gives you more time to do what you love with who you love or to scale an empire.

If you, like me, are tired of the status quo and you yearn for more – you’re in the right place.

I look forward to supporting you with your business growth.

Gary Das

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