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Meet Gary Das: The Catalyst of ProActive Success

As a business owner, husband, and father to four incredible children, my life revolves around a straightforward ethos: live proactively. It’s the heart of everything I do, whether I’m spearheading business ventures or cherishing moments with my family.

The first decade of my entrepreneurial journey, spanning 2006 to 2015, was a whirlwind of lessons. I carved out a nearly 7-figure business – a monumental feat for many but a venture devoid of passion for me. By 2016, I was at a crossroads: continue on the well-trodden path or forge a new trail.

I chose the latter.

Revamping my focus towards social media and contemporary marketing, I breathed life into a more meaningful and successful venture.

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Gary’s mission? 

To equip you with tools to generate leads, increase sales, maximise profits and build wealth. Whether you seek cherished moments with loved ones or the thrill of scaling an empire, I’m here to illuminate your path.

“Now is the time to become PRO.” – Gary Das

Perseverance, leads to Results, which creates Opportunity

All the support you need to generate leads, increase sales, and maximise profit… so you can do more of what you love with who you love or scale an empire!

A Personal Note from Gary

Howdy Legend,

The world of business is a vast tapestry, from solo entrepreneurs working from their living rooms to corporate giants redefining industries. However, one element remains consistent: the potential for growth.

I remember my days in the financial services sector, back in 2003. The industry, for all its merits, often clung to the “tried and tested”. But here’s the thing about growth – it seldom happens in comfort zones.

Between 2006 to 2015, my journey mirrored the industry’s conservative stance, leading to a profitable yet unfulfilling business. It was time for change.

Investing significantly in personal and business development, I uncovered strategies from industries more progressive than mine. Today, I offer you this curated wisdom – a fast track to success.

The results?

Not just for me but for countless others I’ve mentored – are nothing short of transformative. This led to the inception of the PRO Academy in 2019, upgraded to Success Circle in 2023 under the company brand of Active Success – we’re dedicated to nurturing proactive success stories.

Whether you’re in financial services, another service-based industry, or simply someone hungry for change, I’m here to guide you. If, like me, you believe there’s more out there than the status quo, you’ve found your tribe.

Here’s to your journey of ProActive success.

Warm regards,

Gary Das

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