Babble On Brooke, From Hollywood To Housebound Healing

In this episode Gary is with Babble On Brooke. Brooke is an international award-winning host, TV and stage actor and a Fortune 500 spokesperson turned motivational speaker coach due to a near decade-long health journey.

Babble On Brooke inspires and empowers others through her story “From Hollywood To Housebound To Healing”.

Listeners will find motivation and strength in today’s episode as Brooke shares her amazingly impactful journey and inspiring story of survival.

In this episode you will learn:  

  • Brooke’s journey having been through a life-threatening injury
  • The power of finding your purpose
  • How to find strength to keep going during your weakest and most helpless moments
  • Celebrating small victories 
  • Sharing positivity in a seemingly negative world
  • How to turn your story into an inspiration
  • The importance of visualising your future

The Proactive Podcast with Gary Das is brought to you by the awarding winning business owner, author, speaker, coach and mentor. 

This brings you proven strategies to improve your life and your business, along with interviews from some of the most inspiring and motivating personalities across the globe. You’ll discover how to go from start up to scale up, master your mindset, be healthier and build wealth, so you can do more of what you love, with who you love.

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