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Active Success

Grow your business with Active Success, the ultimate consultancy for self-employed individuals and business owners aiming for success. Active Success provides tailored coaching, mentoring, strategic resources, and expert-led events designed to generate leads, increase sales and balance work-life dynamics.

Founded by Gary Das in 2019

Active CRM

Elevate your business with ACTIVE CRM, the premier choice for business owners seeking efficient client management. Featuring AI-powered tools, seamless payment integrations, and comprehensive marketing solutions, this platform simplifies complex workflows and enhances client engagement. Perfect for boosting your online presence and streamlining operations.

Founded by Gary Das in 2023.

Active Mortgages

Experience a seamless mortgage process with Active Mortgages, the UK’s go-to experts for bespoke mortgage solutions, specially tailored for the self-employed, business owners and high net worth individuals. Our specialised services are designed to efficiently navigate through the complexities of mortgage applications, ensuring you receive personalised advice and support tailored to your unique financial needs.

Founded by Gary Das in 2008.