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Our vision is for self-employed people to achieve their dreams. Our mission is to motivate self-employed people to set goals, do more and make more. Our next milestone is to help 500 self-employed people achieve mortgage success. Our values: get active, be positive, make it happen!

When you’re self-employed you are bound to go through all the struggles we see self-employed people face every single day when they want a mortgage. Buying your dream home is your ultimate aim and you need to find a lender who will consider your circumstances and make it affordable for you. That’s not easy.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle. We’re all about making things quick, simple and efficient for you. We’re dedicated to getting self-employed people into the dream homes they deserve.

If you are a business owner like the majority of our clients, or a sole trader, it’s highly likely that you don’t have the time or expertise to find the perfect mortgage for yourself.

Gary Das | Self Employed Mortgage Expert

If you have tried to approach a lender by yourself, then you’ll have realised just how difficult it is to find acceptance when you’re self-employed.

We are the self-employed mortgage experts, here to help you. We have spoken to thousands of self-employed people just like you, many of whom have already achieved self-employed mortgage success with our help.

Beating the lenders for self-employed people, sole-traders, business owners and entrepreneurs is our goal. Every mortgage application is a chance to fight with the lender – and you can win, it’s not impossible.

The Active Brokers team is ready to answer all your questions. Everyone is either self-employed like us, or trained personally by me to understand exactly how to help you.

Find out more and contact Active Brokers to see how we can help you.

Gary Das | Self Employed Mortgage Expert

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Gary Das | Self Employed Mortgage Expert

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