Estate Planning PRO – What Every Financial Services Adviser Needs to Know

Gary Das and attendees Estate Planning PRO live

Would you like to know about a simple way financial services advisers can add in excess of £2k per month to your business by working smarter, not harder?

In this post, I want to share with you exactly that. And share with you the structure I have set up to make it happen, Estate Planning PRO.

What is Estate Planning PRO?

In June 2021, after 10 months in the pipeline, we launched our first in-person, Estate Planning PRO 3-day training event for financial services professionals.

I’ll tell you about why this is exciting news for you. And how Estate Planning PRO can support you in generating an extra £25,000 – £50,000 plus per annum with virtually no extra effort. Only a couple of extra questions on your fact-find and 30 mins of admin. The ROTI (Return on time invested) is massive compared to mortgages and even insurances. And guess what, your clients will buy more insurance when you talk to them about wills. If you are in the financial services industry you are going to want to hear about this, so let’s crack on.

The Easier Way to Grow Your Financial Services Business: Increase your Lifetime Client Value

As a financial services adviser, a lot of your focus is on getting new clients. But that isn’t the most efficient way of building revenue in your business.

More marketing on social media means having to work harder to cut through the noise and acquire new clients. Getting your marketing message heard is harder than ever before. So, it makes more sense to focus on the clients you’ve already got.

Why, as a Financial Services Adviser, Should You Focus on the Clients You’ve Already Got?

  • If you don’t need to focus on new leads all the time, you can focus instead on increasing what you offer to your existing clients to make more sales.
  • You can increase your revenue faster by increasing your sales value and your lifetime customer value.
  • By increasing your knowledge, you are able to give advice in more areas. You can then provide a better service to your clients.
  • Diversifying the services you offer gives you the opportunity to keep in regular contact with clients. Unlike a mortgage which might be a one off transaction.
  • When you specialise, you sell one product. But to create more value for your customer you need to focus on the person and NOT the product. By understanding your customer as a person you can tailor the offering to suit them. By offering multiple products you make sure your clients are supported through all life’s eventualities.
  • Having multiple streams of adviser income protects you against big shifts in the economy. And we’ve all seen the importance of that over the last year.

How Does Estate Planning PRO Help Financial Services Advisers?

My goal is to help financial services advisers start and scale their businesses. So I am always on the lookout for opportunities to help financial services advisers work smarter, not harder. I have the good fortune to be working with Paul McGowan, a coaching client and mentee and now business partner. Paul is an expert in Estate Planning.

He approached me in mid-2020, having seen an opportunity to help financial services advisers to generate more income. The idea was all around Estate Planning. Most of the referrals he was getting for estate planning were coming from other mortgage brokers and IFAs. So this was a revenue stream that financial services advisers were missing out on by referring business away.

Paul introduced me to his contacts, Stephen McNulty and Charlotte Logue, who have a combined 40 years of experience in will writing and estate planning. Their idea was to transform the income and lives of mortgage advisers, insurance brokers, and IFA’s by offering something different from the current Will Writing and Estate Planning providers in the market.

An offering that has a foundation of proper support and coaching. Not just training and sending advisers on their merry way. The early months are critical to success and repetition is vital.

This was music to my ears as not only is Will Writing and Estate planning a great source of income and additional leads, it’s also about people rather than products or transactions.

After many meetings on zoom and face to face when rules allowed, together, we formulated Estate Planning PRO Ltd.

In October 2020 we launched to my Fast Business Growth members, offering the opportunity to become will writers and estate planners and add an extra income to their business. 20 agreed to come and learn more on a 3-day course.

Here’s what Stephen has to say about our mission:

From the beginning, Estate Planning PRO’s aim is to support mortgage brokers & financial advisers to generate another sustainable income stream to their already flourishing businesses. Whilst at the same time offering affordable & robust estate planning services to their clients.

In my mind, our industry has an archaic approach to the client journey. Historically, a client simply states what they want to happen when they die, and the adviser produces this. Where is the advice, guidance and thought into the long-term effects of this approach? In my view, this approach is negligent, and clients deserve so much more!

Estate planners & Will writers need a platform that stands them apart from the outdated & archaic advisers and I’d love to see Estate Planning PRO as the ‘refreshing’ version of Estate Planning.

Stephen McNulty – Estate Planning PRO partner and trainer

Estate Planning PRO Live

Financial services advisers at Estate Planning PRO

There is a lot you can do with online training, but nothing beats a live, in-person event. The human interactions and the relationships are what it’s really about. After delays caused by the Covid pandemic, in June 2021 we were finally able to run our first Estate Planning PRO live event.

It was worth the wait. 19 of my Fast Business Growth clients travelled from all over the UK to learn how to increase their income per sale and gain more referrals and recommendations. Some were already doing wills, estate planning and trusts with other providers. But they found they weren’t getting the support or the training that they needed.

Stephen and Charlotte did a superb job in distilling the complex nature of the information and providing it in a way that supports the agent’s conversations with existing clients.

Paul shared real-world experience of how he speaks to his mortgage, insurance and business protection clients, gaining a huge number of referrals and income from working smart, not hard.

It was a huge success.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what some of the attendees had to say:

Great course, opens your eyes to what is on the cards for anyone who doesn’t plan ahead with a will/power of attorney and trust planning. I now want to make sure all my family, friends and clients know what will happen if they choose not to use these tools!

Steven Lyons

It was one of the best courses I have ever done! The benefits of adding Wills and Estate Planning to not only the business but also as a much-needed service for clients is huge. Highly recommend! Thank you Gary and team EPPRO.

Monique Jones

The training was absolutely brilliant and the support moving forward is immense. Clients booked in next week, can’t wait to help them with something so important.
What a lovely group too, lots of laughs along with the learning

Zoe Priselac

You can read more great reviews in the comments to my LinkedIn post HERE

What Happens After the Estate Planning PRO Live Event?

We don’t leave our clients to fend for themselves after the 3-day training. Far from it. That’s when the support really kicks in. Estate Planning PRO not only provide better training events than any other company, but we pride ourselves on the ongoing training too.

All of our attendees are offered the opportunity to become Estate Planning PRO Agents. As an Estate Planning PRO agent, you provide the services to your clients under the support and guidance of Stephen and Charlotte, who check your advice and make sure it is the best for the client.

  • Not only does EPP provide the 3-day live training
  • We also act as the “network” to support our agents.
  • We provide the PI, the instruction software, the back office support and the compliance monitoring. Our advisers are supported to give the best advice and do right by their clients.
  • There are other providers in the market, but we provide ourselves on being unique and the best in variety of areas including: Support, accountability, guidance, hand holding, marketing, branding.
  • Our 5 step implementation process ensures our agents really do make it a huge success.
  • Further training courses build on their foundation to offer more as our adviser’s knowledge grows.
  • The future for these advisers is not only to give better advice, but to create new income streams and increase their referrals

Here’s what Charlotte says about the ongoing training you can expect:

We recruit, train and support ‘financial services’ advisers to be able to offer estate planning advice to their own clients. Giving advisers more tools to maximise revenue from each client, means that they can be less transactional, worry less about procuring new clients and the customer journey is far better as they can continue to deal with their chosen trusted advisor.

-Charlotte Logue, Estate Planning PRO partner and trainer

What’s Next for Estate Planning PRO?

So, I am excited not only for my new business, Estate Planning PRO, but for my 19 agents to be transforming their life and their business. They are learning to work smarter and not harder, generate new enquiries and increase their lifetime customer value.

Yes, it’s the launch of my new business, but it’s also the chance for my mentees and agents of Estate Planning PRO to start their new business, their new journey and their new venture.

We know that we’re going to be hugely successful. And we know that our agents are going to be hugely successful. We are so excited to transform the financial services industry and take it into a new era with this new method of increasing your customer sales value and your customer lifetime value.

We aim to have 100 Estate Planning PRO agents in the next 12 months. My ethos, within Financial PRO has always been to help financial services advisers start and scale their business without the overwhelm, without the stress, without the hassle of having to figure it all out on your own as I did in my first 10 years.

No longer do you need to be frustrated, no longer do you have to be trying to work it all out, we’ve got you. We are here for you. From starting out, to growing your business, to scaling up and removing yourselves from the day to day operation. So you can do more of what you love with who you love.

To register your interest for the next EPP event go to and speak to one of the team.

Remember, now is the time to become PRO!


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