How to Quickly Scale and Future Proof Your Financial Services Business

Future proof your financial services business

Many people ask me how to rapidly scale their financial services business and my answer is always the same….Future Proof it.

What is Future Proofing your Business?

Future proofing is scaling your business despite what the future holds. Say goodbye to the unprecedented.

And how is this done? Future proofing your business means having a predictable, scalable and replicable method for taking a cold audience and turning them into hot buying customers. No matter what the future holds.

Elements of Future Proofing:

  • Managing your Marketing
  • Leveraging your Time 
  • Automating your Processes

Marketing to Future Proof

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. 

All businesses need a good product, a good service and good processes in place. Right?

I disagree. On the first point at any rate.

You could have the worst product in the world, but if you are able to market it right, you can get people to buy it. It’s amazing what people will do once you become influential.

I’m not suggesting you should have a poor product. But your marketing will always be more important to scaling your business than your product.

Attract the ideal client and you’ll make your business predictable and scalable.

Sales Automation 

Automating your sales process can save you loads of time and money – giving you the opportunity to invest in other areas. 

But you can only automate your sales process when you have a customer journey mapped out. 

Once you have your customer journey and know how to transform a prospect into a buying customer, you and your team can repeat that process time and time again.

Customer Relationships

Sales automation doesn’t stop at marketing. How do you maintain a customer relationship throughout your sales process?

In my brokerage, we have a method whereby we know the journey that somebody goes on. We know that they’ll engage with a piece of content and we track which piece of content they’ve engaged with.

We’re then able to serve them with an email or a message that enables them to get the next logical step that they need to take. 

Once they are on the customer journey we can predict how long will take from the first time they engage with content to when they are going to submit their inquiry and have a strategy call with us. 

How do we know this? We know because we are able to get them onto our database. We have email sequences that build relationships and drive interaction. 

A study has shown that 80% of marketers have reported an increase in email engagement in 2020, so make sure that you nurture your list.

What can YOU do to Future Proof Your Business?

1. Map out your Customer Journey

Keep it simple and stick to it. Know exactly what steps you want your customer to take with you from start to finish.

2. Capture Your Audience

Capture and convert your client with content. Move them from social media to your database. Get their email address, phone number, and give them the opportunity to build that relationship with you.

3. Connect with Your Audience 

A layer deeper, you need systems. You need an email marketing system. You need a landing page to give them one call to action and the next step that they need to take.

4. Become Predictable

Capture and convert the data. Have many streams of leads and know where your inquiries are coming from. Put energy into the areas that are working most effectively and most efficiently. 

5. Make your audience YOURS

Have your own database of clients otherwise you’re going to lose out because your audience is social media is not yours. You need to have a method of capturing and converting that audience so that you have a future-proof business.

Over to You

Once you understand the principles and the methods that I’ve spoken about, it’s possible to start, scale and future proof any business. 

If you’d like to watch me discuss this topic in more detail, watch the full video here.

Remember, now is the time to become PRO

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