Mortgage Advisers, Are You Facing Overwhelm? | by Gary Das

Mortgage advisers, overcome overwhelm

If you are a mortgage broker, a financial adviser, a protection adviser or maybe even a will writer chances are that you are experiencing some degree of overwhelm.

The level of enquiries is definitely up.

And if you are in the start-up phase of your business or you are newly self-employed, this could be your first time experiencing overwhelm or frustration. Perhaps you feel close to crying as everything is starting to pile up and get on top of you.

This job is hard, there are many plates to spin, but having a coach and mentor is vital to your success. Mortgage Adviser Pro is here to support you on this tough business journey. Below I will explain how.

You need to have a solid process and system to build an effective mortgage business.

In this post I’m going to talk about why mortgage brokers may face overwhelm and how you need to structure your business to avoid it.

And I can honestly say listening to my mentees yesterday, you are not alone. So if you’re feeling like that, it’s okay. And I want to learn that this is actually part of your journey.

If you want to fast track your business and cut out the overwhelm, read about my Mortgage Adviser Pro System HERE

Is there such a thing as too many clients?

I know what it’s like to hate saying no to clients.

I know you started your business. You’ve had good quality leads coming in. You love helping people. You love getting them an outcome and result. You love transforming your client’s lives, making a difference, having a bigger impact.

But now, if enquiries are piling up you could be feeling overwhelmed, yet you struggle to say no.

Common fears around saying no:

  • You think you may be letting my clients down
  • You think you may be letting yourself or your family down
  • You are afraid to turn business away

I guarantee you that every single one of you reading this is feeling that either now or you might be feeling it in the not too distant future because being self-employed is hard.

But what you’ve got to understand is this is a journey. It’s a marathon, not a sprint

You can’t solve everybody’s problems

You can’t help everybody. You can’t solve everybody’s problems.

You can’t try to because it’s not going to help you to be most effective.

It’s also not going to help your clients to get the best result, because you’ll go against your service standards. You’ll delay things. You’ll start making excuses and you’ll end up working ridiculous hours from eight o’clock in the morning through till 12 o’clock at night.

Turn overwhelm around to build a better business

So to avoid the trap, you need to increase your fees.

You need to review your service level agreement in terms of how long it takes for you to do your research.

If your diary is booked for the next five days, 10 days, then, sorry, that’s the timescale that people have got to wait to get an appointment.

Maybe put an assessment fee or a commitment fee upfront to get them to buy-in, and learn to say no to the clients that aren’t right for you.

Not sure how best to screen for the best clients? Here is a free Strategy Call Script with the exact questions you need to ask now.

Use this opportunity to put solid processes and systems in place to build an effective mortgage business.

The thing I want to address here is the scarcity mindset versus the abundance mindset.

Fear comes from a scarcity mindset

Visualisation is something I’m a massive fan of, but it can also work against you. And when you’re in scarcity, you’re living in fear, and you are visualising negative outcomes.

You’re worried that things are going to go wrong. You think that by saying no, it’s going to have a bad impact. That by increasing your fees, you know, clients are going to think differently about you.

But actually, what you’ll generally find is by maintaining professionalism, by adopting an abundance mindset, by being mindful that there’s always another deal around the corner, then actually more opportunities will start to come your way.

And providing you do the foundational stuff correctly, you can step out of that scarcity and into abundance.

That’s why Mortgage Adviser Pro is all about:

 Perseverance leads to results, which creates opportunity.

Running a Mortgage Business and Having Children are Very Similar – How So?

If any of you have got kids, you will understand what I’m about to say to you.

The big thing when you’re raising your children is for the first couple of weeks, it can potentially be amazing because they just eat and sleep and poo.

And then it all changes.

You find yourself battling stress, lack of sleep, annoyance, frustration.

So then after that you take three weeks finding a routine and putting a routine in place and the routine works.

And then after three or four days, they change. And all of a sudden you have to spend three or four weeks learning the new routine.

Just as that works and you feel like you’ve mastered it, it changes again.

That is the same journey as in a mortgage adviser business. It’s exactly the same.

Just as something starts to feel like it’s working, everything goes s**t to and it all goes wrong.

You then have a choice. You either continue to grow through it, develop and improve, or you stay where you are. And if you stay where you are, then you stay stuck and overwhelmed.

And that’s when you have to make a decision about where you want your business to go, and what the business model is that you want to have.

Building a Fit Mortgage Adviser Business

You know, when you’re lifting weights, you have to go through the pain of pushing the extra reps or increase in the weight to be able to lift more.

When you’re running, you have to be able to push through the pain and do the extra miles, in order to be able to get fitter faster, stronger, more lean or whatever the goal may be.

There has to be some sacrifice, but on the other side of that sacrifice is the clear blue crystal sky that you’ve been looking for.

You know, there has to be that thing of pushing through the comfort zone to come out the other side.

The knowledge that you have that got you to where you are now, particularly if you’re at the beginning of your journey, is not going to be the same knowledge that’s going to get you over there to the next phase.

Doing what you have always done is not going to get you to the next point.

The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

You have to develop, you have to learn, you have to improve, but you have to understand your vision and the business model that you are setting out to create.

Learning from my early mistakes

From 2006 to 2015 I made a lot of mistakes. I struggled and had to pivot my business several times. I let my best mate buy into the business and then had to buy him out and start all over again. Then I ended up building a business I hated before I came back to mortgages.

Why am I telling you this?

Well in 2016 everything changed for me. I got coaching and I got mentors. I surrounded myself with the right people to lean upon who have been through it before.

To see the benefit, look at an athlete for example. An elite athlete will have a mindset coach, a fitness coach, a strength and conditioning coach, a nutrition coach, etc.  They will have a specific person focused on each of the areas that they want to get better in.

 The same approach can be applied to all the different parts of the business.

So who is coaching you to the next level?

If you do not yet have a proven mortgage adviser system to follow, or the support and coaching from an award winning team then this is for you:

How Would You like a Proven 6 Step System to Eliminate the Overwhelm from Your Mortgage Adviser Business?

I would love to transform this financial services industry into something that’s better than it currently is. I want to make your life better, which has a knock-on impact on making the industry better, and also the lives of your clients and your families as well.

That is why I am sharing with you the proven and effective process that was integral to Active Mortgage being named as winner of ‘Best Small Broker’ 2019

In it you will find:

  • The fastest way to reach £250k pa with one admin while working a healthy 9-5
  • A 6 step system to overcome the overwhelm
  • How to eliminate stress and enjoy your life as an adviser
  • Proven scripts that will add thousands to your income with very little effort
  • The tools and software you can use to immediately shave hours off your day… giving you more time to write more business and be with the ones you love.

If you don’t invest in yourself then you don’t get results

“I went into the course wondering what more I could do to improve my processes and came away with loads of new things to implement. Gary’s tried and tested methods are proven to work and I think they’ll make a huge difference to my stress levels and business levels.”

– Ally Lowrey, Mortgage Adviser

With the right support You’re gonna be able to train much quicker, much faster and get better results.

Find Support in The Mortgage Pro Community

I think it’s vital that you enjoy the journey. And to do that, you need to make sure you’re surrounded by the right type of people.

By being around the right people you will adopt the abundance mindset of putting your fees up, increasing your sales, learning to say no, recruiting the right people and getting the foundation strong.

Because as soon as your foundations are strong and the process is structured, then you’re going to be able to relieve the overwhelm.

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Come and get the support you need in the Mortgage Pro Community. We have a private Facebook group exclusively for mortgage and protection advisers, set up to support individuals and small business owners just like you.

I launched the community to connect with other mortgage professionals and mortgage business owners. Now it’s grown into a leading resource for coaching, mentoring, teaching, and training.

So come and join us in the community and get the support you need to build a fun and profitable lifestyle business, create leads, sales, profit, and time in your life.

Remember, now is the time to become PRO!


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