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The PRO Podcast

4.8 Stars – 149 Apple iTunes Ratings, 200+ episodes and over 200,000 unique downloads.

Each week on The PRO Podcast Gary Das and his PRO guests share the honest reality of life and business, the successes and failures, experiences and learnings, so you can achieve more mentally, physically and financially.

You’ll hear ideas, stories and interviews from experts in their field, their mindset, their behaviours, and what it takes to become a PRO in any area of your life.

The mission of this podcast is to help you increase your income without the stress by attracting more clients, increasing sales, maximising profit and freeing up time to scale or so you can do more of what you love with who you love.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us!

Remember, “Now is the time to become PRO”.

The History Of The Show

The podcast originally launched in March 2019 as the Mortgage PRO podcast and reached number 2 in business worldwide.

With a growing audience across financial services, the decision at episode 86 was made in May 2020 to rename the podcast to Financial PRO. This single change has seen the podcast grow past 175,000 unique downloads and attract listeners in more than 53 countries.

The third and final rebrand to The PRO Podcast took place at episode 200 in April 2022.

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Podcast highlights

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Recent episodes

  • How To Grow A Mortgage Business: Tips For New & Experienced Brokers

    In this episode, we delve into the crucial aspects of growing your mortgage brokerage business. With my expertise, honed since 2003 and enriched by guiding over 700 financial service advisers, I share invaluable insights tailored for mortgage advisers at different stages of their professional journey. In this episode, you'll uncover: The Growth Journey: Learn about the three pivotal phases of a mortgage brokerage's evolution. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or leading a small team, this episode provides a clear roadmap for your next steps. Phase 1 - The Startup Challenge: Discover essential strategies for new advisors focusing on lead generation. I share personal anecdotes and effective tactics on networking, social media mastery, and the transformative 'power of one' approach. Phase 2 - Team Expansion and Scaling: Transitioning from solo to a team-based model comes with its unique set of challenges. I break down how to build your team, starting with key hires, and navigating the unpredictability of growth. Phase 3 - Embracing the Business Owner Role: Moving beyond day-to-day advising to a managerial role is a significant leap. Drawing parallels from the Rocky movies, I discuss the mindset shift necessary to enjoy success through your team's achievements. Community Engagement: I invite you to share your journey in the comments. Are you in phase 1, 2, or 3? Let's build a community of growth and learning together! We hope you enjoyed today's episode; please subscribe, rate and review the show on your favourite platform.  Follow Gary Das on Social media: Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Website | YouTube

  • Maximise Your Sales Potential: Expert Tips For Elevating Conversion Rates

    In this enlightening episode, Gary shares his deep insights and practical strategies honed from years of experience, aimed at revolutionising your approach to sales conversions. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or a professional in the sales industry, this podcast is your key to unlocking the secrets of dramatically increasing your conversion rates. Dive into the heart of effective sales techniques with Gary as he breaks down his proven four-stage process, designed to turn leads into successful deals, irrespective of your industry. In This Episode, You'll Discover: Understanding Conversion Rates: Gain a comprehensive overview of what conversion rates look like across various industries and the power of referrals and recommendations. Gary's Personal Sales Journey: From starting sales at a young age to becoming a successful mortgage broker, Gary shares his rich journey and the lessons learned along the way. Four-Stage Sales Mastery: Learn about Gary's refined four-stage sales process – Situation, Problem, Implications, and Need – and how to effectively apply it to your sales strategy. Boosting Conversion Rates Beyond Expectations: Discover how to elevate your conversion rates from the average 10-20% to an impressive 50-60%. Practical and Actionable Advice: Get ready to implement Gary's strategies immediately, with advice that's both practical and easy to integrate into your current sales approach. Join Gary in this transformative journey as he guides you through the nuances of understanding your clients, identifying their needs, and positioning your product or service as the solution they can't resist. Prepare to transform your sales approach and watch your conversion rates soar! We hope you enjoyed today's episode; please subscribe, rate and review the show on your favourite platform.  Follow Gary Das on Social media: Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Website | YouTube

  • Transform Your Leads into Wealth: The Ultimate Guide

    Join Gary in this insightful episode of his podcast, where he shares his expert knowledge and experiences in transforming businesses. Gary, with a rich history in the business world since 2006, delves into the critical strategies for achieving business growth and the lifestyle you desire. Take the Lead Generation Scorecard Key Highlights: Gary's Journey & Expertise: Discover Gary's transformative journey since 2006, and how his experiences can guide your business growth. The Power of Data: Learn about the crucial role of data in business, including why tracking leads, engagement, appointments, and deals is vital for success. Marketing Funnel Strategy: Gary breaks down his marketing funnel approach, explaining how to convert strangers into loyal customers and fans. Lead Generation Insights: Uncover effective techniques for capturing leads, including quizzes, eBooks, and other interactive methods. Customer Interaction Stages: Explore the different stages of customer interaction from initial contact to nurturing and closing deals. Overcoming Business Challenges: Gary discusses common business challenges like procrastination, time management, and overwhelm, providing practical solutions. Realising Business Goals: Find out how setting and managing KPIs can help in realizing your business goals and achieving the desired lifestyle. Tune in to this episode of the Gary Das Podcast for invaluable insights on maximizing your business's potential, enhancing sales strategies, and ultimately crafting the lifestyle you aspire to. We hope you enjoyed today's episode; please subscribe, rate and review the show on your favourite platform.  Follow Gary Das on Social media: Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Website | YouTube

  • Time Management Strategies For Success: Beat Overwhelm, Boost Productivity

    In this empowering episode of the podcast, Gary delves deep into the pervasive issue of overwhelm that plagues many business owners and professionals today. Gary shares not only the psychological underpinnings of this phenomenon but also practical, actionable strategies that he personally uses to emerge victorious against procrastination and time mismanagement. What You'll Uncover in This Episode: The True Root of Overwhelm: Discover how a lack of clarity and misalignment with one's natural inclinations can lead to a vicious cycle of delay and self-judgment. The Power of the 5-Second Rule: Learn about this simple yet revolutionary tactic that prompts immediate action and could be the key to breaking through your inertia. Friction-Free Living: Gary walks you through his personal routine to illustrate how reducing friction is essential for establishing habits that conquer procrastination. Strategic Scheduling: Gain insights on how to effectively use your calendar to block time, prioritise tasks, and ensure that you're leading your day, not the other way around. Delegation Dynamics: Understand the importance of assigning tasks to team members and how to identify the most impactful tasks that will drive your success forward. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this episode is packed with wisdom that can reshape the way you approach your daily tasks and overall business strategy. Say goodbye to feeling swamped and hello to a life of clarity and achievement with Gary's expert guidance. We hope you enjoyed today's episode; please subscribe, rate and review the show on your favourite platform.  Follow Gary Das on Social media: Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Website | YouTube

  • Take a Look Back to Leap Forward - With Toni Gargan

    In this eye-opening episode, we sit down with Toni Gargan to discuss the evolution of success in business and life. Tune in as we delve into why it's crucial to look back on your journey to propel your future forward. ⭐️ Key Highlights ⭐️ The Power of Annual Themes: Discover how Gary assigns themes to each year, providing a guiding compass for personal and business growth. Mastering the Art of Focus: Gary shares invaluable insights on the dangers of spreading yourself too thin and the importance of giving your attention to what truly matters. Balancing Act: Should you chase new leads or nurture existing clients? Learn how to strike the right balance and know your numbers for business success. The Threefold Focus for 2024: Get a sneak peek into Gary's future plans built around three interconnected themes: Profit, Brand, and Buying. Questioning the Status Quo: Why is it essential to challenge the traditional definitions of success and lifestyle? Gary sheds light on how to align your daily decisions with your ultimate goals. Don't miss out on these golden nuggets of wisdom that can help you redefine success and plot a course for a more fulfilling future. We hope you enjoyed today's episode; please subscribe, rate and review the show on your favourite platform.  Follow Gary Das on Social media: Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Website | YouTube