The Simple Strategy to Growing your Financial Services Business Fast

Grow your financial services business

Discover the fastest way to start, grow and scale your financial services business to become 80% passive.

In the last 12 months, I haven’t sold many mortgages. As a Mortgage Broker, I would be concerned but as a business owner, it means I’m doing something right.

I have scaled my mortgage brokerage to the point where it almost works without me in it. My team is fully systemised and automated!

Want to start, grow and scale your financial services business to become 80% passive? Here’s how I did it.


First I invested in myself to understand my superpowers and weaknesses. I had been out of the mortgage industry for the best part of seven years and the market had changed drastically by the time I wanted to get back into it.

So I had to relearn how to be a good mortgage adviser.

To do this I invested in a coach to become an expert in business. Just because I was good at my job didn’t necessarily mean I was good at business. Coaching that was bespoke to my business gave me the support and motivation I needed to grow as a business owner.

So you need to start by ensuring you have the foundational knowledge to do the job.

Growing the Financial Services Business

Having a Clear Vision

Knowing where you want to be in the next 12 months will ensure the steps you take in your business are purposeful and efficient. Breaking it down into quarterly goals, monthly tasks and weekly actions will get you there.

Market Organically

Once you understand the numbers that you want to achieve in your business, you can work out how many leads you need. Utilise social media to market to your customer and generate leads for free!

Systemise your Processes

You need to be able to have a consistent sales process and a system that supports the process. A robust sales process will drive sales in your business forward, giving you time, freedom, and flexibility.

By using a CRM system you understand where your customer is in the customer journey, making the process as predictable as possible.

To Grow your Financial Services Business, Bring in People

Recruit a PA or an administrator as soon as possible. In the mortgage world, for example, you’ve got to answer the phone, book in your new leads, chase clients for documents, etc.

These tasks all take time. So bring in someone able to complete these tasks on your behalf, and you will leverage your time.

Look at Missed Opportunities

You don’t want to only earn money from the mortgage. You can also earn it from the broker fee, the life insurance, critical illness, the income protection, the health insurance, the referral for the will, or even by bringing wills in house. This way you’ll have multiple streams of income.

Scale Your Financial Services Business

Automating Marketing

The next level is branding, attracting ideal clients, and then automating the process of the marketing on the front end. You can then move to utilising ads, email databases and email sequences. Automation is absolutely vital. 

I spend most of my time on strategy, marketing and direction. By automating marketing and making it predictable I focus on building a machine that costs one pound and returns five.

Become a Leader

I focus on leading my team, not managing them. We have people who do that for me and manage the business day-to-day. I don’t manage the process or the systems. I’ve got an operations manager who does that. I focus on leading the team and supporting my managers who run the business.

This is the key to being a passive business owner. 

Know your Superpowers

Understand who you are more than anything else. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Where do you need to improve?

This will help you to decipher what areas you need to delegate and where you need to spend most of your time. Find out the three to five things that only you can do, and delegate the remaining tasks to everybody else.

Which stage are you at?

Are you starting up, growing or scaling up? Have you hit a plateau?

Many of my clients have achieved a hundred thousand pounds in sales and turnover within 12 months of working with me and you can do that too.

I believe in building a successful lifestyle business that allows you to do what you love with who you love, and can help you to do the same. 


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