What It Takes To Create A World-Leading, Authority-Building Brand and Business with Jamie Alderton What It Takes To Create A World-Leading, Authority-Building Brand and Business with Jamie Alderton 

In this episode, Gary talks to Jamie Alderton. They talk about finding what you enjoy – and finding what you don’t- and then tweaking and changing your life and business direction based on that.     Jamie shares his learning curve and what enabled him to get initial success with running a business, even though he – in his own words – did not know what he was doing back in 2012. As he sees it, his entrance fee was the seven years of being disciplined in the military and the mindset of continual learning and constant improvement that period instilled.   This is a brilliantly open episode as Jamie (or some of you might remember him as Grenade Jay if you have followed his journey for that long!) shares that he is enjoying what it is that he’s doing at the moment and finding that business / work / life fulfillment has been a process in its own right.   He also shares that making marginal gains every single week, month, and year is something that has a life-altering impact over a sustained period of time. This show is also a good dose of motivation too as Jamie shares the importance of focusing on where you are right now and working out how to do the best you can with what you have in this moment.   What Is Covered In Today’s Episode Of The PRO Podcast: Jamie’s amazing journey from military career to gobally recognised athlete  Jamie’s sotic mentality How to making solid investments in yourself  Spotting opportunities in other industries and using your skillset to open doors Some of the basics of running a business and getting initial success  We hope you enjoyed today’s episode, please make sure you subscribe, rate and review the show on your favourite platform.  Channels: Follow Gary Das on Instagram and Facebook Visit the Financial PRO website www.financial-pro.com Watch the episodes on YouTube


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