Paid Advertising Vs Organic Marketing?

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I achieved £2.2m without paid advertising. Read on to learn how to generate leads for free using organic marketing alone. 

Advertising expenditure in the United Kingdom in 2020 amounted to 23.46 billion GBP. But 62% of small businesses feel that their paid ads are failing. 

The truth is, you don’t need to spend money on advertising. You can use organic marketing to generate leads for free.

My Big Mistake 

In my first 10 years of business, I didn’t do any marketing. This was a huge mistake on my part. Instead, I was buying leads, paying agencies and spending £20k per month on low quality leads

In 2016 I began using organic social media content marketing. Fast forward to now and I have generated £2.2 million all thanks to organic marketing. Read on to find out how I did it.

Don’t run ads before you can walk 

It might surprise you that I am not completely against running ads. What I am against is running ads too soon. 

Since February, 2020, I have started running ads and you could argue that I should have done it sooner. 

But I’m glad I didn’t because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. 

There’s a method, a principle and a process that you can adopt to make sure that you maximise all of the free opportunities that are available to you out there. You have to understand these opportunities before you can optimise paid advertising.

By running Ads prematurely, you’re going to be putting money behind rubbish content and won’t achieve as much as you would like.

Know the numbers 

As financial professionals, we’re good at crunching numbers. 

So, riddle me this…

….let’s say you’re going to spend  £500k on the ad budget. If you were doing that with no prior knowledge of ads, how would you understand how to track the numbers?

You need to know how many leads you need in order to be able to book a phone call with you, or how many leads you need in order to be able to make and create a sale. How?

Invest in Yourself 

Now, if you were to take the same budget and invest it in your own education and skills instead, the results are going to pay you the biggest dividends.

As a business owner, as an entrepreneur, your goal is to focus on strategy, direction, and understanding all the different principles of organic marketing.

You have to understand the strategy that you need to employ. You can then pass this on to your employees in order to be able to drive leads, clients and sales into your business.

Get clued up on insights. Your likes, comments and reach. This way you can see what is actually working and what your audience wants more of.

Put More in Get Less Out

Yes… you read that right. The more you put in the less you should get out.

You’ll be looking at your ads thinking, ‘I need to put one pound in and I want to get five pounds back. That’s a good ROI.’

What you could do instead is put one pound in and could get one or two pounds back. On the surface, this doesn’t look or sound half as good. But, stick with me on this one…

So you’re not actually making any profit, but what you have got is the right systems, processes, tech and upsells and downsells behind the scenes that you actually end up making 10, 15, 20 times that one pound.

It’s not just about what you spend on the front end. It’s about the upsells and the downsells of the business, the tech that you have built behind the scenes that really takes everything to the next level.

In Summary, to Maximise Your Organic Marketing….

  1. Master your Media

Constantly watch, read and listen. Produce content consistently. Find your niche and speak to a demographic. 

  1. Repurpose 

Take one piece of pillar content and turn it into multiple pieces of content. Take a video, turn it into clips, blogs, images, quotes, graphics, and put them on different channels. 

  1. Assess the Insights

Assess your insights and your analytics to know what your audience wants more of. What are they following you to get the answers for?

  1. Set up the Systems

Set up the systems and the process to take people from your content to your mailing list. This way you own their data and they become YOUR audience. This then gives you the opportunity to build a much better relationship with them and speak to them directly.

Want to watch me discuss this topic in full? Click here.


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