7 Focus Points for Mortgage Advisers to Scale to 6 Figures (in 12 Months)

Scale to 6 figure profits mortgage advisers

Mortgage advisers, follow these focus points to scale your financial services business to 6 figures in under 12 months!

The idea of scaling your business can be a daunting prospect.

The financial services industry has been booming thanks to the likes of the furlough scheme and the stamp duty scheme. However, placing deals is taking a hell of a lot longer and working with lenders has been extremely hard with ever-changing criteria.

A 6 figure business seems like a big mountain to climb – but I’m here to show you it’s not. 

One of my clients in my Fast Business Growth Programme and previous podcast guest, Matt Poole, hit over a hundred thousand pounds in turnover within roughly 50 weeks. 

Imagine how 6 figures within 12 months could transform your life and your business. There’s no need to be overwhelmed, frustrated or anxious. That big 6 figure mountain is not as steep as you think. And as long as you have the right tools, strategy and vision, you’ll have a much smoother climb.

7 Steps to scale your financial services business to 6 figures

1. Create social media content daily 

Not weekly, not monthly, DAILY. Creating content and posting on social media daily is your key to consistency.

Social media is like a networking event. The first time you go, it’s unlikely you’ll pick up an inquiry or new opportunity. Yet, the longer you’re there, the more you’re seen by people and the better chance you have to make new relationships. Therefore it’s playing the long game. 

2. Focus on sales

Seems like a no brainer right? Of course, you’re going to focus on sales. But are you maximising every lead? Are you having deep enough conversations with your clients to find out what they need and give them a solution? Focus on people instead of focusing on products.

3. Believe in yourself 

Your confidence comes from learning, developing, improving, growing and taking consistent action. But it also comes from accepting that everything is not going to be perfect. You have to first believe in yourself in order to be able to take that action.

4. Invest in yourself

Invest in your own learning. I find many mortgage advisers focusing on product knowledge, sales knowledge, criteria, and lenders but forgetting about business! What about marketing? What about growth?

Additionally, you need to focus on how to effectively and efficiently run a business. Understand profit and loss, sales targets, goal setting, vision, marketing, social media, channels, systems, processes, automation. There’s a hell of a lot to take into account if you want to be a business owner. So invest in your own education.

5. Surround yourself with like minded people

Motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, said: ‘You’re the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.

Whether you’re one step further, or one step behind, hearing the thoughts of people just like you on a similar journey will absolutely transform your life and your business. With that in mind, I created the Mortgage PRO community for this purpose and now it is 2,000 strong!

6. Delegate low value tasks 

STOP doing everything by yourself. You need to be delegating the lower value tasks to people on your team, social media, repurposing administration, answering the phone, contacting lenders. This is the best way to free up your time to dedicate to driving the business forward.

7. Work hard

I’m sure you have already worked out that nothing comes easy. If you want to lose weight, you have to make some sacrifices – you have to go to the gym and eat better. It’s exactly the same in your business. 

Structure a certain amount of hours for work and balance it around your lifestyle. You might have to work some long weekends, some late nights, but it shouldn’t be all the time. There should be a reason and an outcome for you to achieve those goals.

Want to scale your Financial Services Business to 6 Figures?

If you’re looking to improve your marketing, sales, process, your systems, and build a six-figure and beyond business, then reach out to me directly. I’ve done it for hundreds of financial services professionals and I’d love to do it for you too. 

Remember, now is the time to become PRO!


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